What is ethical fashion? What makes a garment eco-friendly? 

We wanted to share Ethica's mission with you. It is one of the best explanations of green fashion we've seen.

Ethica is an ethical fashion online retailer. Melissa and Caroline Cantor founded the company in 2012. They are at the forefront of breaking down the stereotype that sustainable fashion is not fashionless. And, are supporting sustainable fashion start-ups across the globe.

The fashion industry is one planet-harming juggernaut. It is second to oil in terms of total environmental impact. And, second to agriculture as the largest polluter of clean water. 

So, let's talk ethical fashion. Some people use this concept interchangeably with terms like eco fashion, sustainable fashion or slow fashion. The Ethica team believe ethical fashion encompasses a broader and more rigorous set of criteria. No matter how eco-friendly a product is, or how much a company gives to charity, they believe a brand cannot be considered ethical if it has not made a clear commitment to protecting human rights.

They have five criteria for ethical fashion.

1. Sustainable

2. Made in the USA (or local)

3. Trade Not Aid

4. Handcrafted

5. Vegan

The Ethica team is truly #TRAILBLAZER. 

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